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CBC Canada Reads 2018: The Battle of the Books is on!See more

Canada Reads is the annual debate to choose the one book that Canadians need to read this year. 2018's theme is One Book to Open Your Eyes and the five contendors, listed below, are now in stock here at Alpine Book Peddlers. The debates themselves happen from March 26-28. For more info, visit

Congratulations to Ben Gadd on his new memoir!See more

Ben Gadd is known for knowing everything about his Canadian Rockies home. But just how did he amass his wealth of knowledge and come to love this unique place in the world? Our congratulations to Ben on his new memoir, An Orogenous Life: Memoir and Reader ("Orogenous" means "of or about mountains"), which details just how he came to be a renowned Alberta naturalist, interpretive guide, author of the unmatched classic Handbook of the Canadian Rockies, and winner of the Banff Centre's 2014 Summit of Excellence Award - including both his personal history and thirty-six readings from his favorite written works over the years.